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Since 2011, ​Orthodox Coffins, has been providing the Orthodox faithful in North America with beautiful, simple, traditional and less expensive alternatives to the standard secular funeral home caskets of today. Our coffins are hand made by Orthodox Christians in the traditional six-sided style. The coffin lid is completely separate from the coffin. The absence of a hinged lid allows for a proper 'open-casket', so the departed can be properly viewed and venerated in the church.

We believe that Orthodox Christianity in America is now mature enough to begin to reclaim many traditions it has lost during its initiation in this country. One example of a lost tradition is the typical Orthodox funeral. In some cases, funeral services have been moved out of the home parish and into the funeral home, distancing this final, beautiful rite from its proper setting in the church. Even when the funeral takes place in the church as is traditional, some of the established practices, such as having a fully open casket for the service, are lost, simply because modern caskets do not allow for the complete removal of the lid. With the help of Orthodox Coffins, Orthodox Christians no longer need to conform to the dictates of the secular and over-commercialized funeral industry. 

​Most people do not consider buying a coffin ahead of time. Sorting out the details of the burial are often left to the family members of the departed. In order to make a difficult time easier to arrange, funeral homes added casket sales to their list of services. Over time, it became common-place for caskets to be purchased at the funeral parlor. Today, most people think their only options are what the funeral home provides. Some even believe they are required to purchase a casket from the funeral home. What most people do not realize is that, by law, the family is allowed to provide any casket of their choosing. For more information, see the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule.

Please note, that our coffins are not limited to use by Orthodox Christians only, but are available to anyone seeking an alternative to the standard caskets offered by American funeral homes. For more information, please visit the Ordering tab.

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Orthodox Coffins - Providing Traditional Burial Coffins for Orthodox Christians in North America.

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