Will a funeral home accept an outside casket? 
Yes.  In 1994, the Federal Trade Commission enacted 16 CFR Part 453 (the Funeral Rule) stating that "the funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket you bought elsewhere." Thus, funeral homes are accustomed to such arrangements. However, proper notification is required, as is consideration of the various provisions the funeral home may need. For more information click on the Federal Trade Commission's webpage, Funerals: a Consumer Guide.

Caskets or coffins?
Traditionally, any container used for the burial of the deceased is a coffin; the term originating from the Greek κόφινος (kophinos, basket), Latin cophinus, and later Old French cofin. In North America, the six (or more) sided funerary boxes, tapered at the ends have become to be known as ‘coffins’, whereas the four sided boxes are generally referred to as ‘caskets’. The term casket is more properly defined as container used to hold trinkets and jewelry. The use of the term casket as we know it today, developed as a euphemism by the 19th century undertaker’s trade. Hence Orthodox Coffins uses the more accurate term.

How is payment handled?
For orders to be shipped immediately, we require payment in full. This will include price of coffin, tax (if within North Carolina) and any delivery charges depending on your preferred method of delivery.  For pre-orders of coffins that are not needed immediately we require $1000 down payment at the time the coffin is commissioned and the balance (plus tax and shipping) when the coffin is received. We will calculate the total cost, including tax and estimated shipping for you when you place your order and give you an estimated time for completion as well. 

How can I store a coffin for future use?
Currently we do not offer a long-term storage option on site. Understanding that most people do not have room, or would even want to store their own coffin, the ideal situation is for the church to store a coffin for its community. If you or your parish stores a coffin for future use, we suggest keeping the coffin clean and out of extreme temperatures and humidity, as you would care for any fine wood furniture.  If your parish uses a particular funeral home, they might also be willing to store one for you.

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