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Friends of Orthodox Coffins

Renaissance Cast Stone. Thoughtfully created memorial headstones, crosses, benches, and planters. Also offering custom design pieces to create the perfect memorial for you and your loved ones. An affordable alternative to granite. For churches or cemeteries.

Authentic imported pysanky, embroideries, hand carved wood candlesticks and crosses, icons, rushnyky, and much more at All Things Ukrainian.

Olga Foight Iconography offers high quality hand painted icons, icon restoration, icon boards, and liturgical vestments.

Fine liturgical art  in the tradition of the Orthodox East at New World Byzantine Studios.

Damascene Gallery is a full service supplier of high quality mounted icons, authentic antique icons, newly painted icons, and much more.

Information on Death, Funerals, and Orthodox Traditions

A Christian Ending A Handbook for Burial in the Ancient Christian Tradition by Fr. Dcn. Mark and Mtk. Elizabeth Barna, published in 2011 by Divine Ascent Press and revised in 2018.  “This work includes a section on the actual preparation of the body of the deceased, together with prescribed readings of psalms and prayers, all of which can be accomplished with or without the participation of clergy. Finally, an extensive bibliography is followed by a list of items needed for preparation, as well as various post-mortem forms the reader will find indispensable." -Fr. John Breck

Ancient Faith Radio podcast of A Christian Ending - Rediscovering Ancient Christian Burial Customs for the Modern World. In 14 episodes, Fr. Dcn. Mark and Mtk. Elizabeth Barna share their knowledge and experience of end-of-life issues, as well as how to organize and prepare for a parish-directed funeral with or without the help of a professional funeral director.

Funerals: A Consumer Guide.  The Federal Trade Comissions's webpage section on  Facts for Consumers.  Information on funerals, burial, costs, vaults/grave liners, cemeteries, planning tips, veteran information and a glossary of terms.

Prayer of Absolution and Burial Headbands in full-color English can be found at Teshin Iconographics.

Request a Moleben or Panikhida (Greek: paraklisis, parastas) to be prayed at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, in Wayne, West Virginia. 

Death, Funeral, Requiem - Orthodox Christian Traditions, Customs and Practice by Archpriest Victor Sokolov.  Practical information about Orthodox rites and funeral planning.

The Church and the Cremation Problem by Archbishop JOHN (Shahovskoy). An Orthodox response to cremation.