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"Daniel's style and craftsmanship, born out of need and love for his mother, answer a need we have in all our jurisdictions. His work is one of love and attention to detail. We who are Parish Priests should consider having at least one of his works on hand so as to avoid the confusion and tension that naturally happens when a loved one falls asleep in the Lord."
   - Fr. Onouphry Keith, Rector, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Fletcher, NC

"I was amazed the first time I saw one of the coffins made by Reader Daniel. There is a beautiful yet simple design about them. One that appropriately honors our loved ones, but does not break the bank and use a bunch of man made products. This somehow expresses in a more full way the incarnation of our Lord. It is so great to see this return to more traditional form of Christian burial with the use of simple wooden coffins."
   - Priest Christopher Foley, Holy Cross Orthodox Church, High Point NC

​"The coffin is magnificent! Simple and brings a feeling of being closer to God. It provides great comfort to me in this difficult time – the death of my mother. The words in Slavonic she has sung so many times in her life go with her."
   - Elena Bell, Sullivan's Island, SC

“Dear Daniel, I can’t thank you enough for your stunning craftsmanship and your kind heart. Thank you for making sure it was there on time.”
  - Jennie Gelles, Prospect, KY